Come and meet me at the Island Therapy Centre, 27 Sandown Road, Lake, PO36 9JL, Monday 2nd June between 11am and 2pm for your FREE 15 minute Life Assessment session. Find out how I can help you.

7 Reasons to coach with me to become the very best version of YOU!

1.  With my proven techniques you will live your life as you, even if it is not what everyone expects.
2.  Discover how you can achieve your dreams, and be proud of them.
3.  Understand how to live according to who you really are, trust your inner self.
4.  Feel really safe in your own skin.  Your skin is custom fit just for you. You can't live in someone else's skin.
5.  You deserve to find the true you, it is vital for your success.
6.  Learn to trust and value yourself again with my support and encouragement.
7.  I 'll coach you to become the very best version of YOU! It is the happiest person you can be.
Coach with me and discover the positive benefits for you. Click here to find out more.

 I am Maggie Currie, award winning Life Coach, regularly featured in the Huffington Post, on Vectis Radio, inspiring, encouraging and motivating you to change your life.

I am happy to negotiate rates for charities and non-profit organisations, women's groups etc.  Contact me today, for a free chat on how I can help you.

I guarantee you will change something about your life, or I will give you your money back.

Get out from that feeling of despair into enjoying your life and enjoying being you!

Want to coach with me? I will get you unstuck and teach you how to be the VIP in your life.

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